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Are online yoga courses for me?

By admin on March 30, 2017

From doubt … I normally don’t like the idea of online yoga courses, I used to feel that they were no substitute for a ‘real’ class. But sometimes you just cannot get access to a…

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Yoga Retreat Vegetarian Cooking

By admin on March 13, 2017

Yoga Retreat Vegetarian Cooking using our traditional Umbrian cuisine – good flavour, freshness, and simplicity by Tess Hunneybell Umbria’s rich local soil provides its residents an unlimited number of amazing seasonal ingredients which are simply…

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Yoga Styles

A Beginner’s Guide to Hot Yoga

By admin on January 11, 2017

Hot Yoga can sound quite intimidating, especially if you are new to yoga or have never attended a hot yoga class before. While the thought of sweating in a 105ºF room with a bunch of…

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